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Centrata Answers CIOs’ Need For Accelerated IT Service Delivery Management New Accelerator Solution Set Jump-Starts IT Service Catalog initiatives, Providing Tangible Business Value In 60 Days.


REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – December 13, 2004 – Centrata, the leading provider of Service Catalog and Service Delivery Management solutions (SDM), today announced the Centrata IT Service Delivery Management Accelerators, a set of solutions that enables customers to reap the benefits of an automated SDM solution in less time and with minimal investment. Centrata’s SDM solutions have helped IT organizations save an average of 25-35% in operational costs by defining, managing, and governing the services IT offers to business users. As a result, IT organizations can improve customer satisfaction while decreasing costs. According to Meta Group, IT organizations can improve customer satisfaction by 30% by adopting IT service management principles.*


“At Meta Group, we advocate IT groups implement products and services catalogs to help communicate value and improve service delivery efficiency,” said Dan Vogel, senior vice president at the Meta Group. “Centrata is a leader in IT catalog automation and has a robust core set of out-of-the-box services. For companies looking for an accelerated approach to service catalog development, Centrata’s service catalog is a smart approach.”


Many companies today are faced with evolving complex IT operations into a service oriented organization that brings value to the business. Centrata’s Accelerators reduce the time and cost associated with this transformation by standardizing the delivery of IT products and services to best meet business requirements and provide tangible results.


Centrata’s new IT Service Delivery Management Accelerators include:


Centrata Service Catalog Accelerator

Building a service catalog is the most important step IT organizations can take to improve service delivery and reduce costs. Centrata’s Service Catalog Accelerator provides an actionable and configurable service catalog in 60 days complete with core IT services pre-defined out-of-the-box to dramatically reduce the time and pain associated with documenting and tracking IT Services.


Centrata ITIL Accelerator

Centrata’s ITIL Accelerator delivers out-of-the-box ITIL best practices for configuration and service level management, capturing key service definitions, including costs, service levels, and service asset relationships in its service catalog and integrated configuration management database. By codifying the ITIL framework and high-level recommendations into concrete, easy-to-implement solutions, Centrata’s ITIL Accelerator helps customers rapidly implement key ITIL compliant processes, enabling them to realize tangible benefits in a short period of time.


Centrata Outsourcing Management Accelerator

Centrata’s Outsourcing Management Accelerator combines IT service delivery management with outsourcing governance to improve service predictability and collaboration across internal and outsourced operations. With Outsourcing Management Accelerator, customers can define and codify policies, procedures and service level agreements governing outsourcing partners, improving outsourcing service compliance and quality.



Centrata Self-Service IT Accelerator

Centrata’s Self Service IT Accelerator frees IT resources and streamlines fulfillment by enabling end users to order from a pre-defined set of standardized services. By automating the IT order, approval and fulfillment processes, customers gain greater visibility into the processes, enabling them to enhance services and better align IT with business requirements. “Timely and efficient delivery of IT products and services is essential for improved business agility and success. In light of this, we have developed a series of solutions that accelerate the development and deployment of services catalogs and service delivery management,” said David M. Peranich, CEO of Centrata. “By rapidly aligning IT more closely with business units, Centrata’s unique Service Delivery Management Accelerators provides the answer to CIOs’ needs by reducing costs and improving IT operation efficiencies in as little as 60 days.” Centrata’s new Accelerators are based on Centrata’s IT Service Delivery Management Suite and include a pre-defined set of implementation and consulting services delivered by Centrata’s team of experts in IT Service Catalog to ensure rapid results. Centrata’s IT Service Delivery Management Accelerators are generally available.


About Centrata, Inc.

About Centrata, Inc. Founded in 2001, Centrata is the leading provider of IT service catalog and service delivery management solutions for the Fortune 1000. Centrata’s mission is to transform IT from the reactive, ad hoc organizations of today into efficient service-centric businesses. Built around an actionable service catalog, Centrata’s solutions are specially designed to handle the complexity and high rate of change of today’s Fortune 1000 IT environments. With Centrata, IT services become standardized, reliable, cost-effective and predictable as well as annuities. More information about the company can be found at www.centrata.com.


* META Group 2004, Dan Vogel, “Improved Centralization by Productizing Within IT”


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