Founded in 2001, Centrata is the leading provider of IT service delivery solutions for the Fortune 500. Centrata’s mission is to transform IT from the reactive, ad hoc organizations of today into streamlined product-based IT service organizations. Built around an actionable service catalog, Centrata’s solutions are specially designed to handle the complexity and quickly changing conditions of today’s Fortune 500 IT environments. With Centrata, IT services become standardized, reliable, cost-effective and predictable.

By using Centrata’s service delivery solution, a Fortune 500 achieved:

  • A decrease in IT operational expenses by 30%
  • An increase in IT service levels by 35%
  • A decrease in IT service errors by 83%


Centrata Service Delivery Management Suite

While most IT departments offer many repeatable core services, there is currently no solution in place to help IT manage and deliver these core services in a standardized, predictable, cost-effective way. To date, IT just hasn’t had the tools to standardize their services and communicate with end users. As a result, CIO’s and IT organizations are forced to contend with the serious problems of:

  • Unpredictable, Non-Standardized IT
  • High Cost, Non-Scalable Service Delivery
  • Low Customer Satisfaction
  • And, at the end of the day, an IT organization that is Not Aligned with the Business


Centrata is focused solely on solving these very serious problems for Fortune 1000 enterprise IT organizations. Centrata productizes the services IT has been delivering for years and helps IT deliver them in a predictable, scalable, repeatable way. Centrata does this by providing a service catalog with out-of-the-box services that form the core of Fortune 1000 IT enterprises and the software that makes that service catalog actionable through the entire chain of service delivery.

A former consultant of Centrata when off to start a personal development channel on Youtube.