Centrata is a Microsoft technology partner supporting Microsoft’s Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), Automated Deployment Services (ADS) and System Definition Model (SDM). These initiatives unify hardware, software and services around common architectural standards, enabling customers to harness the power of industry-standard hardware and bring simplicity, automation and flexibility to IT operations. Centrata creates products that support DSI, ADS and SDM.

Centrata and BEA have partnered to deliver a new generation of open operations systems to the Datacenter space. Centrata solutions are built on BEA technologies and embrace J2EE technologies for maximum interoperability and integration with other enterprise software. Centrata and BEA are making operations management systems more scalable, interoperable and fault-tolerant than legacy solutions on the market today.

By leveraging HP’s industry-leading suite of management tools in their OpenView product line, the Centrata software leverages leading monitoring and fault management tools from HP. Centrata comes pre-integrated with HP OpenView, to allow customers to quickly implement the software in datacenters that already have OpenView technology.

Centrata products are developed on industry-standard Oracle database products, ensuring the scalability and fault-tolerance demanded by today’s datacenter operators and telecommunications carriers.

Centrata supports Sun Microsystems hardware and the Solaris operating system, allowing customers to meet the highest standards demanded by large enterprises. Additionally, Sun’s professional services group has conducted an independent evaluation of the Centrata software, and has certified it to 99.99% availability.

Centrata Professional Services Organization partners with Net2S Group to deliver on-site implementation services. Net2S Group is a leading international e-business, information technology and communication infrastructure consulting firm. NET2S high-caliber professionals are committed to facilitating the implementation of business-critical technology solutions for Global 500 firms throughout the entire project life cycle. With offices in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Zurich and Casablanca, Net2S has invested in creating a world-wide practice based upon Centrata solutions.

Centrata strategically partners with HCL Technologies for both engineering and professional services, providing infinite flexibility and scalability for any project. HCL specializes in software-led IT solutions and services to large- and medium-scale organizations. HCL’s presence in 14 countries provides global reach and vast support rollout capabilities for all Centrata customers.

Centrata is partnering with leading software providers that complement the Centrata value proposition. A key focus for Centrata is automation technology that is enhanced by Centrata’s integrated service delivery, resulting in the implementation of the IT Utility vision.