Centrata ITIL Accelerator

Centrata’s ITIL Accelerator ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. A great number of IT organizations are currently considering implementing ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to manage the rapid change and high expectations facing IT today. Unfortunately, many organizations have struggled in the implementation of ITIL. After all, it’s only a set of guidelines and definitions, and just like so many standards and guidelines, ITIL isn’t an easily realizable magic bullet. There’s a lot of “what” but no “how.” In order to succeed and see results quickly, IT organizations need an actionable ITIL solution, one that embeds best practices into everyday operations.


Centrata has addressed this need with the Centrata ITIL Accelerator. Centrata’s ITIL Accelerator helps companies rapidly implement key ITIL compliant processes. Centrata has codified the ITIL framework and high level recommendations into concrete, implementable solutions, allowing companies to realize tangible benefits that drive ROI in as little as 60 days.

Centrata’ ITIL Accelerator’s Key Benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs by standardizing service offerings through the Centrata Service Catalog
  • Centrata’s OOB ITIL compliant change management workflows reduce cycle time for introducing changes
  • Lowers resource costs through the use of the Centrata Service Catalog, ITIL complaint workflows and configuration database
  • Minimizes challenges of process inter-dependency through a service oriented architecture

Some of the key goals of ITL are shown in the table below


Key features of Centrata’s ITIL Accelerator:

  • OOB ITIL compliant process and workflows encode ITIL best practices for problem, change and configuration management while capturing the inter-dependencies amongst the different processes.
  • Hierarchical service definition in the service catalog enables reuse of services and eliminates redundant maintenances.
  • Integrated Catalog and Configuration Database enables business impact assessment prior to fulfillment providing a sound base for problem, change and configuration management.
  • Service Level Agreements and service level objectives and indicators help manage and improve agreed levels of service between the provider and the receiver of a service
  • Cost/Price Analysis applied to all phases of a service (design, implementation and maintenance) to account fully for the spend on IT services
  • Out of the box reports to deliver service visibility, enable business impact analysis and enhance IT planning and optimization
  • Comprehensive actionable catalog with rich out of the box content, including services, associated costs, SLAs and other characteristics

Centrata SDM Enables Key Processes for Service Support and Service Delivery