Centrata Self-Service IT Accelerator

Streamline and Standardize Employee IT Requests

Every time an employee makes a custom technology request, IT is forced to deliver ad hoc services that are difficult to fulfill and even more difficult to manage. In fact, recent studies show that the cost of supplying employees with the numerous workplace services they need represents nearly 25 percent of the IT internal staff operating budget. With Centrata’s Employee Self-Service IT, end users order their own services from a pre-defined list. IT can then fulfill them from a set of standardized, modular components. Centrata’s Self Service IT Accelerator is the quickest and easiest way to automate employee requests.


By deploying Centrata’s Self Service IT Accelerator, you’ll guarantee results:

  • Improved Quality & Predictability of IT by standardizing end user services
  • Reduced Costs by improving operational and capital efficiency and allowing end users to order their own standardized services
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction by setting expectations and proactively communicating IT’s value to end users


Key features of Centrata’s Self Service IT Accelerator:

  • Comprehensive service information in an easy to read format so end users understand the implications of their choices
  • Rich out of the box content that covers many common IT end user services and associated workflows out-of-the-box, saving you time and delivering industry best-practices
  • Standardized request management through a web-based request portal
  • Employees save time with an intuitive, web-based interface to the service catalog where the services they need are just a click away.
  • No more one-off, ad hoc requests made from end users. Service delivery speed and predictability improve through automated approvals, embedded best practices and standardized workflows.
  • Out of the box reports and dashboard capabilities to deliver service visibility and enhance IT planning and optimization
  • You can achieve all of these benefits from your system in as little as 60 days


Contact Centrata’s Catalog experts for a free consultation on developing your accelerated self service IT functionality.