ITIL’s dressed for the corner office

My colleague (and a fellow blogger) Troy DuMoulin of Pink Elephant steered me toward an article yesterday that really distilled the mojo of the new ITIL release and the buzz it’s been creating in Global 1000 corporations around the world. According to Linda Tucci of, with the release of version 3, “ITIL Dons a Suit and Tie.” – and of course, I just had to doodle up a picture for it! – enjoy:

This metaphor is as prescient as it is vivid: whereas previous releases of ITIL have been process focused, and in most cases taken on at one or two levels below IT executive management, ITIL v3, with its emphasis on being customer-centric and business-aligned, should at the top of a CIO’s agenda… indeed, according to ITIL v3 authors, the Service Strategy book is one that “every CIO should read.”

I would go one step further (brace yourselves everyone): ITIL v3 should be seriously considered by any CIO who would still like to be employed in 2010, when, according to Gartner, 60% of companies with over 1000 employees will have adopted ITIL. The capabilities discussed in the Service Strategy and Service Design books alone are enough to set an IT organization on the path of decreasing overall IT spend and increasing customer satisfaction significantly, and if you don’t have that knowledge, and the ability to implement those lessons learned – someone else will.