Outsourcing Management Accelerator

The IT department is under tremendous pressure to outsource, but it’s not that simple turning management pressure into IT victory. In order to guarantee good performance, you must set enforceable service parameters and have visibility into the outsourced services. The Centrata Outsourcing Management Accelerator is the quickest way to accomplish outsourcing success.


You can’t manage what you can’t define, so the first step in achieving outsourcing success is defining and standardizing IT service level agreements (SLAs) and the services to be outsourced. By clearly defining IT service level commitments to your outsourcing partner, you speed the delivery of outsourced services, improve service quality and reduce the costs of managing your outsourced operations. The Centrata Outsourcing Management Accelerator delivers these capabilities—and more—out-of-the-box in an actionable framework that is easily configured to meet your specific Outsourcing Management challenges and needs.


Define Outsourcing Services and Service Levels through the Service Catalog

Today, outsourcers struggle to fulfill non-standard, ad hoc requests by end users and IT. The result? Service creep while your budget is blown through the ceiling. By pre-defining all services and codifying service levels through a standardized service catalog, you’ll guarantee both your internal audiences and outsourcers are on the same page, with no room for confusion or unmatched expectations. Centrata’s unique solution combines IT service delivery management with outsourcing governance to improve service predictability and collaboration across internal and outsourced operations.


Through the process of codifying service levels in the service catalog, you can communicate with and enforce commitments to your outsourcing partner. Instead of a paper contract, the Centrata Outsourcing Management Accelerator provides an actionable solution for outsourcing governance as the commitments and service definitions are embedded within the system.


Standardize Outsourcing Operations

By driving all requests through a pre-defined service catalog, you’ll reduce costs incurred from inappropriate outsourcing requests. By including cost information in the service catalog, users ordering services now understand the cost and service levels associated with those requests. Through the streamlined approval process embedded within the system, only people authorized to request services can access them. This standardized ordering and approval process prevents budget overruns and unauthorized requests.


Because all service requests are driven through the Service Catalog, your outsourcer will fulfill services based upon your agreed-to set of service requirements, including approved vendors, products and architectural standards. Using the Centrata Outsourcing Management Accelerator, you’re assured that every time someone orders a service you’re getting the best financial deal and that your standards will always be met.


Key Features of Centrata Outsourcing Manager:

  • Efficiently define services to be outsourced via service catalog
  • Standardize outsourcing approval workflows
  • Embed IT policies, service dependencies, SLAs
  • Enforce standards and best practices within the outsourced operation
  • Real-time visibility into outsourced operations, compliance with contractual commitments, project status, impact on TCO