Move From Ad Hoc to Agile with Centrata

IT organizations are searching for new ways to standardize, enforce and adapt best practices in the delivery of services to better serve their customers while reducing the bottom line. To meet these goals, industry analysts are currently urging their customers to transform into service-oriented delivery organizations. In fact, they predict as much as a 48 percent reduction in IT costs for companies who adopt service catalogs and service management.

Centrata is focused solely on enabling this transformation. It does this by providing a service catalog with out-of-the-box services that form the core of Fortune 1000 IT enterprises and the software that makes that service catalog actionable through the entire chain of service delivery. Centrata’s service catalog is the only one on the market capable of adaptability and scalable maintainability as the IT environment evolves.

Centrata’s IT Service Delivery Management Accelerators ensure service quality, reduce and control costs, and improve customer satisfaction by standardizing the delivery of IT offerings to best meet the business requirements of customers.

Centrata has developed four solutions to accelerate service delivery management and get its customers on the fast track to realizing reduced costs and improved efficiencies. With Centrata’s unique Service Delivery Accelerators, IT organizations can achieve tangible business value in 60 days.

Learn more about Centrata’s targeted Accelerators:

  • Centrata Service Catalog Accelerator — an actionable service catalog in 60 days complete with core IT services pre-defined out-of-the-box. You — and your business customers — will see results quickly.
  • Centrata Outsourcing Accelerator — The quickest path to outsourcing success. By defining and codifying policies, procedures and SLAs governing your outsourcing partner, you ensure improved outsourcing service compliance and quality.
  • Centrata Self-Service IT Accelerator — Based on Centrata’s service catalog and focused on end users services, the Self Service IT Accelerator frees IT resources and streamlines fulfillment by enabling end users to order from a pre-defined set of standardized services.
  • Centrata ITIL Accelerator — By implementing Centrata’s ITIL Accelerator, IT organizations will quickly see a return on their investment in ITIL. The ITIL Accelerator delivers out-of-the-box ITIL compliant processes (e.g., change and configuration management) for key Fortune 1000 IT services and embeds these processes in an actionable framework.